Chiquita Brands International expanded its peeled apples product offering — Apple Bites — with the addition of two flavors, cinnamon and butterscotch.

They come in a 2-ounce single serve package and a clamshell containing four singles.

The flavored apples began shipping in February.

“People want to eat healthy snacks that taste great,” said Rikki Guzman, Chiquita business manager for healthy snacking. “(Apples) are one of their favorite snacks, but they get bored eating the same apple every day. Apple flavors provide the variety and delicious taste that consumers seek.”

According to a survey cited by Chiquita, 82% of consumers said they would purchase the products in addition to items they already buy. Research also indicated the butterscotch item would be consumer eight times monthly; cinnamon, 7.4 times.