CMI introduces Honeycrisp pouchesColumbia Marketing International has launched a pouch bag line for Queen Bee Honeycrisp apples. Tested earlier this fall, it’s expanded to nationwide distribution in response to retail demand, according to the company.

“The CMI Queen Bee Honeycrisp project was developed this summer,” Steve Lutz, vice president of marketing, said in a news release. “Our national analysis of scan data results revealed that there was a big retail opportunity to increase dollars by creating options for supermarkets to devote more shelf space to Honeycrisp.”

With just one price look-up number, it is difficult for retailers to add stock keeping units of the variety except through poly bags, according to Lutz.

“Particularly with Honeycrisp, rather than focus on value there was an opportunity to entice consumers to actually increase transaction size by providing high quality pouch bag packages,” he said.

For the rollout CMI developed three packages: a 2- and a 3-pound pouch for snack-sized apples and a two-count package for jumbo fruit.