Columbia Marketing International is marketing its Kiku brand apples in a 2-pound pouch bag.

Wenatchee, Wash.-based CMI believes the bag will be a good way of introducing consumers to Kikus without too much sticker shock, according to a company news release. The 2-pound Kiku bags are expected to cost about the same as 3-pound bags of some more established apples.

CMI also packs its Kikus, which are known for their sweetness, in tote bags.

While Kiku volumes have been growing over the past several years, they are still relatively scarce compared to other apples.

“We encourage people to order while they last,” Bob Mast, CMI’s vice president of marketing, said in the release. “We’ve really been quite surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received thus far.”

CMI expects to ship Kikus through March this season.

In 2006, Wenatchee-based Columbia Fruit Packers Inc. gained exclusive rights to grow and market Kiku apples in North America, and CMI was tapped to handle U.S. sales.