Calavo Growers Inc. has created an online platform that connects sellers and buyers of fresh fruits and vegetables and other fresh foods.

Santa Paula, Calif.-based Calavo is the majority shareholder in FreshRealm, a cloud-based platform designed to inform users about the availability of fresh foods grown throughout the U.S., according to a company news release.

FreshRealm allows traditional retailers, food banks and other buyers to connect with producers in a system Calavo likens to a fresh food cooperative.

Michael Lippold, Calavo’s director of strategic development, is leading FreshRealm. He said the platform will help get fresh produce and other fresh foods to people who have had trouble getting them in the past.

“Fresh, healthy food should be more accessible in every corner of our country,” Lippold said in the release. “There are no ‘Internet deserts’ in the United States. It’s time for an end to fresh food deserts, too.”

Lee Cole, Calavo’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, said FreshRealm is a natural extension of Calavo’s commitment to providing good, healthful food to consumers.

“There is plenty of fresh food, good people and good companies in this country,” Cole said. “It’s time to connect and logically incentivize the pieces to leverage one another, and evolve the fresh food industry for everyone.”