New on-fruit labels highlight the California Avocado Commission’s 2014 spring marketing campaign.

Several avocado shippers will use the labels, designed to clearly identify fruit as being from California, according to a news release from the Irvine, Calif.-based commission.

In 2013 retail tests, consumers said they liked the labels, which the commission’s vice president of marketing, Jan DeLyser, said tap into consumer demand for locally-grown produce and for country of origin labeling.

“The California avocado handlers have been open to the research and to the exploration of how to support the program,” DeLyser said in the release. “Each packing line is different, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all program.”

Adding a second label to the fruit or changing labelling practices to include the California brand isn’t easy for shippers, DeLyser said. But she said shippers understand the label’s value in boosting consumption.

The commission’s marketing plans for the spring also include a Western-focused marketing and merchandising campaign, set to start in late April. The group’s nationwide campaign includes public relations, online and social media outreach and the commission’s new blog, The Scoop.

The week of April 14, the commission will host a series of chats on its Facebook page. Grower Doug O’Hara will be the guest host April 14. Registered dietitian Emily Schiller will host on April 16 and chef Ivy Stark on April 18.