California Citrus Mutual has a new video on agriculture’s contributions to air quality, created with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

The video, posted on YouTube, is “Growing for Clean Air." Industry spokesmen on camera include Dave Tomlinson, general manager of Griffith Farms; Etienne Rabe, vice president of horticulture at Paramount Citrus; and James Sherwood, vice president at Bee Sweet Citrus Inc., among others.

“What started out as a three-minute video tool has turned into a nine-minute promotion piece for the air district and our industry,” Joel Nelsen, president of Exeter-based California Citrus Mutual, said in a news release. “That partnership doesn’t always exist between government and industry, but with the air district it has happened.”

The state’s 285,000-acre citrus industry generates $2 billion annually, about 75% of it in the Central Valley. Since 1980 agriculture and other valley industries have cut emissions by 80%, according to the trade association.

“If you look at our history with the farmers, effectively we have been able to work with them to the point that they are the cleanest agriculture segment in the nation and in the world,” Seyed Sadredin, air district executive director, said in the release.