The vast majority of California-grown produce has little or no pesticide residue, according to state tests.

About 95% of Golden State fruits and vegetables tested are in compliance with pesticide regulations, according to a news release from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

In 3,483 samples of more than 155 fruits and vegetables taken in 2013, 44% had no pesticide residues and 51% had residues that are within legally allowed limits.

About 4% of samples had illegal residues not approved for use on the commodities tested. Another 1% had illegal residues in excess of established tolerances.

“This is a vivid example that California fresh produce is among the safest in the world, when it comes to pesticide exposure,” the department’s director, Brian Leahy, said in the release. “DPR’s scientifically robust monitoring program is an indication that a strong pesticide regulatory program and dedicated growers can deliver produce that consumers can have confidence in.”