Cargo Data Corp.’s new temperature recorder is designed specifically for shipper customers of Wal-Mart.

Ventura, Calif.-based Cargo Data’s digital Wal-Mart recorder has been approved for all temperature-controlled shipments to all Wal-Mart distribution centers in the U.S., said Roger Niebolt, Cargo Data sales manager.

“Cargo Data offers private label programs for specific customers based on projected volume and other market factors,” Niebolt said. “We create specific products for specific customers if there is a strong business case to do so.”

The Wal-Mart temperature recorder is packed 20 or 40 to the case.

Cargo Data’s Automated Temperature Monitoring System (ATMS) integrates Select radio frequency temperature recorders, Express handheld chart viewing devices and iMAT technology to create an integrated system that makes temperature controlled shipping and receiving operations more automated and cost-efficient.

The system allows receivers to wirelessly capture temperature recorder data and view the chart on Cargo Data’s Express handheld data retrieval device’s large LCD at the trailer door.

Data is simultaneously captured by iMAT, which archives the data on Cargo Data’s secure server. The system eliminates the need to individually download each recorder to maintain cold chain records. Temperature information is viewable and printable by anyone worldwide by simply entering a unique six digit recorder ID number in the “UpLink” field at .