Cargo Data Corp. has added the capability to use external sensors and probes to its Boomerang line of reusable temperature recorders.

The recorders are designed for supermarket delivery fleets, foodservice distributors and similar operations, and are aimed at avoiding repeat purchases of single-use recorders.

The new units are Boomerang X and Boomerang X RF.

They can use Ventura, Calif.-based Cargo Data’s Express handheld device to collect data from all Boomerang series temperature recorders. Data is downloaded in less than five seconds, according to a news release.

Boomerang X RF can transmit data to Express wirelessly, avoiding the need to retrieve the recorder from a mount on a pallet rack or from within a trailer.

The system stores data from up to 48 monitoring sessions and has support from the free KoldLink app, according to the company. KoldLink allows data to be viewed, e-mailed, printed, archived and saved on the UpLink cloud storage system using the identification number assigned to each recorder. More information is online.