For related March 30 coverage on a series of recalls of jalapeños and fresh salsa, see "Lack of notification in salmonella case baffles grower."

UPDATED: Castellini recalls jalapeños(UPDATED COVERAGE, March 29) Newport, Ky.-based distributor Castellini Group of Cos. has recalled jalapeños that could be at risk of salmonella contamination.

Routine testing by the Ohio Department of Agriculture found a sample of jalapeño peppers that tested positive for salmonella, said Libby Korosec, a Castellini spokesperson.

The source of the salmonella has not been confirmed, Korosec said. No illnesses have been reported, she said.

Castellini contacted customers and quarantined or destroyed possibly affected jalapeños that were not distributed, Korosec said.

Recalled 2-count, 10-count and 40-count packs were shipped to five divisions of Rosemont, Ill.-based U.S. Foods between March 9 and March 24, a U.S. Foods spokeswoman said.

Packages that could be contaminated may include the following lot numbers, according to U.S. Foods:

1977434, 1977911, 1978565, 1976393, 1976549, 1976551, 1977220, 1977514, 1977845, 1978122, 1978125, 1978930, 1976774, 1976786, 1977289, 1977310, 1977906, 1977913, 1978563, 1978574, 1979025, 1979034, 1976509, 1977743, 1978618, 280104C07.

One of the foodservice companies that received some of the peppers was Club Chef LLC, Covington, Ky. As a precautionary move Club Chef recalled fresh-cut salsa products that may have been made with some of the recalled peppers.

The Club Chef salsa was delivered to retailers in 11 states on March 14 and 15. It all had a use by date of March 27, the same day Club Chef issued the recall.

Retailers received 12-ounce containers of Private Selection brand salsa and pico de gallo, and 16-ounce containers of Heinen’s brand salsa. Club Chef also recalled 5-pound trays of salsa that was distributed to foodservice customers.

Coral Beach, staff writer for The Packer, contributed to this story.