Cecelia Packing is now shipping its seasonal Dimples mandarins.

Because of excellent growing conditions, volumes of Dimples, a Gold Nugget hybrid seedless variety, are expected to double last year’s volumes, according to a news release from Orange Cove, Calif.-based Cecelia.

“This year’s crop of Dimples mandarins is the largest we’ve handled to date,” Randy Jacobson, Cecelia’s sales manager, said in the release. “We will be able to supply a much larger distribution this year, and we’ll have much greater promotional opportunities than we have seen in previous years.”

Cecelia shipped its first Dimples the week of April 1, Jacobson said.

“The response has been tremendous,” he said. “We’ll start to hit volume in the next few weeks as the winter mandarins begin to finish, so the opportunity to finish the mandarin season with the best tasting of them all is here.”

Dimples are known for their size and sweetness. Cecelia expects to ship the variety through June.