City Ag Produce LLC, a new tenant at the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market, is scheduled to opens its doors Aug. 29. The grand opening is scheduled for Sept. 1.

While the wholesale produce distributing company is a new venture, the principals include a name familiar to those who have over the years frequented the market.

Darrell Beyer, a third-generation veteran of the fresh produce industry, is partnered with Alan Gordon, his father-in-law, in City Ag Produce. Beyer is the grandson of Hank Beyer, a partner of the late Sam Perricone at Sam Perricone Citrus Co. Inc., Los Angeles. Beyer’s father, Steve, is with Sun Pacific Shippers, Los Angeles.

City Ag Produce will be a year-round supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables but will specialize in conventionally grown and organic strawberries, melons, limes and avocados, Beyer said.

City Ag Produce opens at L.A. Wholesale Produce Market“We’ll also handle tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples and several other commodities,” he said.

Darrell Beyer began working at the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market 16 years ago, he said. He also worked for then Oxnard-based PurePak Inc.

The company’s motto, The Next Generation of Produce, addresses the changing face of the industry, Beyer said.

“The market is so different from what it used to be,” he said. “Today we have to be willing to change with it as opposed to trying to fight to keep it the same.”City Ag Produce opens at L.A. Wholesale Produce Market

Beyer’s father-in-law partner has no direct experience in fresh produce. However Gordon brings to City Ag Produce several decades of retail and wholesale experience, Beyer said.

The combination of Beyer’s fresh produce experience and Gordon’s retail expertise offer a fresh entrepreneurial spirit, Beyer said.

“We don’t make the rules. The customers get to make the rules, to tell me what they want,” he said. “But we’re willing to try everything the customers want to change the game and how it’s operated.”

Construction of the company’s website,, is nearing completion. The telephone number is 213-891-9300.