CHICAGO — Clear Lam Packaging Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill., has introduced PrimaPak, a flexible and stackable line of containers.

The company, which recently expanded its Elk Grove forming films division with a $2 million upgrade, showcased the new packaging from Oct. 28-31 at Pack Expo 2012.

“The key is that it stacks,” said group president and chief marketing officer Roman Forowycz, adding that it offers “massive weight savings” because the flexible rollstock weighs less and takes up less truck space than preformed container material.

“It is produced from a single roll of film and incorporates a recloseable Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film for added consumer convenience,” Forowycz said.

The new Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film, geared to eliminate preformed, rigid lids, features an easy-to-open design improving assembly line efficiency and was also showcased at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2012 from Oct. 26-28 in Anaheim, Calif., where it was a finalist in the Impact Packaging Awards.

Suppliers can put more on pallets and consumers will throw away less plastic with Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film, Forowycz said.

Clear Lam worked with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to develop the new film, which saves up to 20% on plastic.

Shelf life is improved because the lid is sealed on the package, and it allows for respiration laser perforations, Forowycz said.

Also, without the formed plastic lid, more units can be stacked on a pallet, he said.

The containers are ideal for nuts, fresh-cut and diced produce and snacks such as carrots, apple slices and grapes, Forowycz said.

Retail Editor Pamela Riemenschneider contributed to this report.