Stephen Colbert, the Emmy-award winning host of Comedy Central “The Colbert Report,” will star in two Super Bowl ad spots for Wonderful Pistachios and launch a new twist on the five-year “Get Crackin” advertising campaign.

The Super Bowl ads will be the second consecutive Super Bowl appearance for Wonderful Pistachios and will launch a full-year agreement with Colbert under the campaign theme, “Get Crackin,’ America,” according to a news release from the company.

Los Angeles-based Paramount Farms, which is part of Roll Global, launched the “Get Crackin’” spots in 2008 and has featured pop culture icons including PSY, Dennis Rodman, the Honey Badger, and Snooki from the TV series “Jersey Shore.”

The 2014 Super Bowl ads have been shot but won’t be aired until the Feb. 2 NFL game, Marjorie Brevidoro, spokeswoman for Wonderful Pistachios, said in an e-mail.

Colbert’s dry wit is evident in the Wonderful Pistachio’s news release about the campaign.

“Since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of working with America’s premiere nut company,” Colbert said in the release. “The fact that it turns out to be the good folks at Wonderful Pistachios is just the pistachio on top of the ice cream sundae.”

As part of the full-year agreement, Colbert and Wonderful Pistachios’ in-house creative agency FireStation will create several ads highlighting the Get Crackin,’ America rallying cry, according to the release. The advertising will be supported by in-store point-of-sale materials, public relations, digital and social media, according to the release.

“Last year’s Super Bowl spot featuring PSY drove significant brand awareness and incredible buzz among consumers,” Marc Seguin, vice president of marketing for Paramount Farms, which grows Wonderful Pistachios, said in the release. “This year, we wanted to extend and deepen that enthusiasm beyond the Super Bowl with talent that excites and resonates with our core consumer target over the full year. Mr. Colbert is the perfect fit for our brand and for this campaign.”

Brevidoro said the Get Crackin’ campaign has been very successful, with Wonderful Pistachios now ranked as the ninth-best selling salty snack item in America. She said the eight-ounce package of Wonderful Pistachios rates more than $100 million in retail sales annually. Brevidoro said the number of households buying pistachios has grown more than 100% since the beginning of the Get Crackin’ campaign, from about 15.9 million households in 2009 to more than 33 million households in May 2013.

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