A Denver wholesaler and repacker has received SQF 2000 Level 2 food safety recognition.

Better documentation was the main change Colo-Pac Produce Inc. made to achieve Level 2 status, said Tony Garin, the company’s sales manager.

“We’ve been (American Institute of Baking) rated ‘Superior’ since 2004,” Garin said. “The concepts or practices have not changed dramatically, but the paper trail and verification process have increased.”

Colo-Pac also invested in packing lines and equipment that helped its overall safety level, including replacing painted wood and painted steel with stainless equipment, Garin said.

SQF Level 2 status is just the latest food safety highlight for Colo-Pac, whose forerunner, the Denver Tomato Co., was founded by Garin’s great-grandfather, John Thomas Garin, in 1929.

“We supply tomatoes year-round, so our vendor list is extensive, and with (Global Food Safety Initiative) we now require, and have on hand, third-party audits from all of them,” Garin said. “The produce traceability has also increased. We’ve had a recall procedure in place for about 7 years, but with (Produce Traceability Initiative) everything is digital — scanning incoming and outgoing product, labeling every case with (Global Trade Item Number) bar codes.”