The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee is rolling out several promotions for 2013.

Many of the promotions will draw on the Denver-based U.S. Potato Board’s “Five Distinct Potato Seasons” and “Linda” campaigns, according to a news release from the Monte Vista, Colo.-based committee.

Committee promotions will track the “five seasons” campaign launched by the potato board in 2012: Back on Track, for fall; Plus-Up Potatoes, for the holidays; Nurture Me, for January and February; Spring Ahead, for March, April and May; and Lighten Up in late May through August.

Throughout the year, the committee will focus its marketing efforts on reaching “Linda,” a fictitious, composite consumer who represents potato marketers’ key demographic.

Linda is a woman aged 25 to 54, with two kids under 18 who still live at home. Such women and their families account for 40% of all fresh potato consumption, according to the potato board.

In Nurture Me promotions this January and February, the committee also is highlighting Olympic figure skater and committee spokeswoman Rachael Flatt. As part of the campaign, Flatt will share her potato soup and potato “comfort food” recipes and talk about her healthy lifestyle.