Growers, shippers and volunteers in Colorado’s San Luis Valley will prepare and distribute 1 ton of potatoes for cyclists and support members of Ride the Rockies in June.

The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee’s volunteers plan to feed more than 2,000 participating in and supporting the ride.

The 513-mile route ride goes from June 8-15. Cyclists will travel between 46-91 miles a day.

“We have information letting people know our purples and deeper-colored varieties are very high in antioxidants, and the russets and yellows are good sources of potassium and vitamin C,” Linda Weyers, assistant director of CPAC, said in a news release. “More and more consumers are taking notice of studies that show all potatoes are heart-healthy, and now there’s information that proves they help lower blood pressure,

“It is something they have always really appreciated, and we just love meeting them, feeding them and wishing them well.”