Limoneira Co., has chosen Compac Sorting Equipment Inc., to install a new packing line.

The Santa Paula, Calif.-based Limoneira chose the New Zealand-based Compac to develop and manufacture an expandable and flexible line that gently handles fruit, according to a news release.

Such a line would require engineering technology of multiple sorting systems for shipments of Limoneira’s avocadoes and lemons for export and domestic markets, according to the release.

The new line includes Compac’s InVision software which uses digital cameras to scan produce with up to 30 images of each piece as it passes on the line, according to the release.

The software produces a three dimensional model of each fruit and assigns it to the correct packing destination.

Compac Sorting installs new Limoneira line“Our primary goal was to make our new pack line both faster and gentler than our current line,” Stewart Lockwood, Limoneira’s director of packing and lemon operations, said in the release. “InVision’s ability to grade fruit at 12 pieces per second without sacrificing accuracy, not just claimed but demonstrated several times at different installations, is very impressive,”

Originally designed for apples and kiwifruit, Compac’s Gentle Box Filler helps ship citrus on up to 30-day boat rides to overseas customers, according to the release.

The software allows for density sorting on irregular and flat-shaped produce and helps ensure packing consistency by allowing operators to easily detect frozen fruit, according to the release.