Compac is offering a new stone fruit sorting system.
Compac is offering a new stone fruit sorting system.

Compac has begun marketing a new stone fruit sorting system following commercial trials in California and Spain.

The company is offering it as an improvement on its InVision 9000 defect sorting system. Besides new LED lighting, the upgrade uses high-definition cameras that operate in spectrums invisible to the human eye.

That allows the system to pick up soft spots, bruising, split pits or stones and general surface damage, according to Compac.

“Defects such as soft spot and split pit are very time consuming and labor intensive to sort,” David Buys, director of sales, said in a news release. “Sorting these accurately with InVision is a major savings for our customers. The industry has been looking for a long time for a solution to their labor intensive sorting when it comes to stone fruit.”

Compac plans to follow up commercial trials by installing two of the sorters at an Australian stone fruit grower that has a new six-lane packing facility. Compac did not name the grower.

With the new cameras and lighting, Compac aims to improve grading abilities by detecting comparatively minor defects in and around the stem or invisible soft spots. That targets situations where the difference between first and second grades prompts manual inspection of every piece of fruit.

Auckland, New Zealand-based Compac manufactures at its New Zealand factory plus locations in South Korea, Italy and Uruguay. Its sorters sort produce by weight, size, shape, color and surface blemishes.