Concord Foods Inc. will promote Disney’s release of a new edition of its animated film The Jungle Book on the company’s mixes for guacamole and salsa seasoning.

Disney plans to re-release The Jungle Book in a two-disc Blu-ray and DVD pack Feb. 11. The promotion by Brockton, Mass.-based Concord Foods runs Feb. 11 to April 30.

Under the rebate offer, consumers will save $5 by mail when they purchase the film with any two guacamole or salsa seasoning mixes, available in retail produce departments. More information is online.

The offer will be on more than 1.7 million packages of the two Concord Foods mixes, according to a news release. Themed in-store displays will be available.

The guacamole mix is made with two avocados; the salsa mix, with tomatoes and onions.