In 2012, 91% of corrugated packaging used in the U.S. was recycled.

That makes corrugated the most recycled packaging material, according to a news release from the Washington, D.C.-based Corrugated Packaging Alliance.

Corrugated’s recycling record has improved significantly since 1993, when about 55% of the material was recycled, according to the alliance. Efforts have been aided by the widespread access to community paper and paper-based packaging recycling programs, according to the alliance.

About 87% of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off recycling programs, according to the American Forest & Paper Association’s Community Survey.

Of the 91% of corrugated recovered in 2012, more than half was used to make new containerboard. Another 12% was used to make recycled paperboard, and more than 34$ was exported.

According to the most recent data from the Environmental Protection Agency, corrugated is the most-recycled packaging material, besting paper, aluminum, glass and plastics.