A Discovery Channel episode of “American Farmer” featuring Crown Jewels Produce LLC is scheduled to debut Dec. 18.

The segment features Fresno, Calif.-based Crown Jewels and its California partners, co-owner Atomic Torosian said. Firebaugh-based melon grower Perez Packing Inc.; Courtland-based apple and pear grower Greene & Hemly; pomegranate grower Steve Barsoom; and grape growers Bryan Bedrosian and Gary Hudson will be featured on the show.

The Discovery Channel broadcast is set for early morning hours on Dec. 18 and will repeat a few times before year’s end, Torosian said. Additional broadcasts are expected on CNN International, which carries “American Farmer.”

Producers contacted Crown Jewels in February and the scenes were shot on four occasions from June through September.

“Crown Jewels is a multifaceted company handling a lot of commodities and they wanted to know more about the core partners we’ve put together over the last 18 to 20 years,” Torosian said. “They wanted history, and evidently found out we have growers who’ve farmed cantaloupe since the 1930s. Some go back five or six generations. Greene & Hemly has been farming in the Sacramento River area since the 1850s or 1860s.”

“It’s for a national audience, not just the produce industry,” he said. “It’s for anyone who can say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that’s how they picked or harvested pomegranates and cantaloupes.’ We had growers with a lot of good stories to tell.”