Eosta, a Netherlands-based fruit distributor, is introducing crownless pineapples under the Nature & More label.

The company says removing the crowns reduces transportation costs and enhances shelf life.

Without the crowns, more pineapples can fit in cartons, and more cartons can be included in one shipment, according to a news release.

The Costa Rican growers are Luis Carlos and Edgar Corrales.

Also, standard labels on pineapples can be lost in transit or at the store level, according to the release. Nature & More sticker/labels encircle the fruit.

“What we often see is that at ambient temperatures after a week or so, the crown of the pineapple starts to shrivel a little and turns greyish green/brown,” said Michael Wilde, communications and sustainability manager at Eosta. “Store workers and consumers often interpret this phenomenon as a sign that the pineapple is no longer good to eat and throw the fruit away.”

For more information, visit www.eosta.com and www.natureandmore.com.