With many companies paying thousands of dollars to have products included in various gift bags and backstage buffets, officials at Crunch Pak were delighted to donate apples and other fresh fruit snacks for Hollywood’s elite during the 84th annual Academy Awards.

Tony Freytag, senior vice president of sales and marketing, announced Crunch Pak’s participation on the far end of the red carpet the morning after the Feb. 26 event.

“We were embargoed from talking about it until after the ceremony,” Freytag said early Feb. 27. “But we were very excited and honored to be asked. Many of those involved in the production of the show buy our products at supermarkets in California and they specifically wanted our (fruit) backstage.”

Freytag said that, given the fact that many companies engage in bidding wars to get their products included in gift bags and used backstage at Hollywood’s preeminent event, Crunch Pak officials in Cashmere, Wash., had no problem providing free grab-and-go snacks and 32-ounce custom trays of fresh-cut apples, along with grapes, carrots and other fresh produce.

Crunch Pak provides backstage snacks at Oscars“These are the kinds of things that you never know how much impact they will have,” Freytag said. “But it was a great opportunity to get our product in front of so many influential people.”

Crunch Pak shipped 32 boxes to the Hollywood & Highland Center. They were filled with enough fresh snacks to feed more than 200 presenters and 20 production and executive staff.

Crunch Pak plans to work with the production company on additional future award shows.

Freytag said there is some discussion of Crunch Pak products being used backstage at the Nickelodeon Network’s Kids’ Choice Awards, which Will Smith is scheduled to host at 8 p.m. Eastern time on March 31.