Miami-based Customized Brokers is participating in a six-month pilot program that allows for the clearance of cold-treatment perishables like blueberries and grapes from Peru and Uruguay through South Florida rather than going through congested Northeast ports, said Nelly Yunta, vice president.

The pilot program was spearheaded by the Florida Perishable Trades Coalition, a nonprofit association developed to increase trade in perishable products through Florida’s airports and seaports. Crowley Maritime Corp. and its Customized Brokers subsidiary are among the founding members of the coalition.

Also, the firm’s Crowley Fresh cold storage and perishables logistics operation received a perfect score of 100% during a recent PrimusLabs food safety audit, said Mark Miller, director of corporate communications. Only about 2% of those in the industry achieve a score of 100%, Primus said.