Cutsinger opens new citrus businessLongtime Splendid Products partner JB Cutsinger has started a new business, International Citrus and Produce, in Burlingame, Calif.

Cutsinger and Larry Nienkirk, partners in Burlingame-based Splendid Products since 1997, decided last year to split the company. Nienkirk continues with Splendid Products. International Citrus and Produce has been operating for about a month at its new headquarters, said Lauren Ward, marketing consultant.

“Splendid had less of a focus on citrus,” Ward said. “But the citrus piece was so strong JB wanted to take that, spin it off and move forward. That’s ICP’s core strength.”

The new company’s website is here.

The focus has been on limes, oranges and grapefruits sourced from Texas, Florida, Mexico and South America. A broader list of commodities includes navels, tangerines, satsumas, tangelos, pineapples and papayas; and ranges to watermelons, honeydews, corn, avocados and onions.

“They’re expanding into the organic market as well as those other product lines,” Ward said. “Other pieces have evolved because of the growing relationships they’ve had over the years.”

JB Cutsinger is owner of ICP. Jim Cutsinger and Tony Campos manage sales. The company sells to large and small retailers.