(UPDATED COVERAGE, June 21) SALINAS, Calif. — After 21 years at D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of California, Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin has joined Taylor Farms as vice president of community development.

D’Arrigo-Martin was executive vice president of sales and marketing at D’Arrigo. She started June 18 at Taylor Farms, and remains in Salinas.

“We’re still defining my role, but a lot of what we want to do is to help youth in the community and support Taylor Farms’ sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives that are customer driven,” she said. “We want to get the right messages out to customers and local communities.”

“We do a good amount of community development,” said Bruce Taylor, founder and chief executive officer of Taylor Farms. “Margaret and I have worked together on numerous projects in the past. She’s been a tremendous source of energy and gets things done in a positive way for the community. She’ll also be the champion for our whole sustainability program, an ongoing program which we just haven’t pulled together from a corporate perspective.

“Our object is to get the world to consume more fruits and vegetables,” he said. “She’ll be supporting that at the federal and state levels.”

D’Arrigo-Martin will also spearhead Taylor Farms’ development efforts on Salinas’ historic Main Street, where the company will soon begin construction of a corporate headquarters. Expected move-in is by January 2014, Taylor said.

“Putting the building there is good, but it’s not the answer to the downtown’s challenges,” Taylor said. “Someone needs to be driving change down there to make it a more exciting retail and entertainment destination for people in the community. She’ll be doing some of that. It’s a pretty full plate.”

Taylor has long supported Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County, Rancho Cielo Youth Campus, the National Steinbeck Center and similar organizations. That center is next door to the future headquarters.

“It was just time for a change,” D’Arrigo-Martin said. “It’s a chance to work with a visionary. I love what Bruce is doing. He’s a stakeholder in this community and really cares what happens here.”

She said she did not expect a successor to be named at D’Arrigo Bros.

“They’ll absorb the marketing within the sales team,” she said.

Calls to D’Arrigo Bros. were not returned.

Dave Martinez and Chad Amaral were each promoted to vice president about May 1 at D’Arrigo Bros., D’Arrigo-Martin said. They focus on sales and business development.

“I’ve known Margaret for 15 years or more,” Taylor said. “I have great respect for her dad Andy (D’Arrigo) and her brother John (D’Arrigo). They’re one of the suppliers for our salad operation. They have a great family business that does wonderful things in the community as well.”

D’Arrigo-Martin is also chairwoman of the Grower-Shipper Association of Central California. Her efforts there include fundraising for salad bars in south Monterey County. She’s collaborated with United Fresh Produce Association on the effort.

She serves on the board of the Hartnell College Foundation.