Reedley, Calif., marketer DJ Forry has introduced its fuyu and hachiya persimmons in four-count standup pouch bags.

It’s the latest addition to the company’s standup pouch line, which carries the Forry’s Finest label. Each variety ships in a high-graphic, display-ready carton.

Both packages provide nutritional information on persimmons and illustrate different uses for the fuyu and hachiya.

The company has marketed California persimmons for more than 40 years.

“I don’t believe merchandising persimmons at the retail level has changed much in the last 40 years,” Mike Forry said in a news release.

“Our positive experience with pouch-bag cherries, stone fruit and grapes leads us to believe that going to market with persimmons in the same manner is a natural progression that will yield positive results,” Forry said.

Forry’s grandfather started marketing persimmons in 1972.

DJ Forry developed the pouches based on insights from a recent branding initiative.

“Our branding exercise reinforced the fact that consumers want to know where their produce comes from, how to use it, and what nutritional value it provides,” vice president of marketing Ray England said in the news release.

Fuyu and hachiya persimmons are consumed differently.

“Fuyus are eaten like an apple or pear, while the hachiya persimmon is best utilized for baking and must be extremely ripe when used,” England said.

“Many consumers don’t know that there are two different types of persimmons or how to use them, much less that they contain high amounts of vitamins A and C,” he said.