In a preview of a planned series of educational videos, the president of the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corp. in Canada donned a Santa suit and reminded produce sellers to check their lists of buyers for good credit ratings.

The video series is part of the organization’s Keeping Trade on Track initiative, said Andrea Asbreuk, coordinator of marketing and member services. She said each video is expected to be about three minutes long, with new installments in the series planned monthly, at first.

“If we have good viewership we may adjust the schedule and post more frequently,” Asbreuk said.

To make the videos available to a wide audience, the DRC launched a YouTube channel. The inaugural video with DRC president and chief executive officer Fred Webber in a Santa suit is available on the DRC website at

In the video, Webber reminds produce sellers to request and verify credit applications before shipping to new customers. He also stresses the importance of timely invoicing and follow-up billing. Webber also encourages sellers to file complaints with the DRC immediately when they have payment issues with buyers.

“If they owe you money, likely they owe others as well,” Webber says in the video. “And most important, if you’re not getting paid, stop selling (to that buyer).”

The DRC is a non-profit, membership-based organization that works closely with the Canadian government and the fresh produce industry to arbitrate payment issues, reform legislation and develop best practices, according to its website.