A new option is available to grower-shippers who want to give consumers a lot of product information in a small space. Digit Scans Inc. is in the launch phase for GreenScans, a mobile application using databar coding.

The new app is the result of three years of development work by George Pierce, who has a background in supply chain logistics and technology start-up experience, according to Juanita Gaglio, who joined Digit Scans about a year ago to handle the marketing of GreenScans.

“GreenScans will allow produce companies to integrate their marketing initiatives using their existing product bar codes,” said Gaglio, who has 20 years experience in the produce industry, including director of marketing for Sun World International LLC.

In addition to providing consumers information about the produce they are buying via their smartphones, growers and shippers can also use GreenScans to collect data and receive real-time feedback from consumers at the point of sale. Gaglio said because GreenScans uses established Global Trade Item Numbers the application can also provide traceback information.

GreenScans can be used on bulk or packaged items, including individual pieces of produce as small as a lime. Gaglio said they are better than quick response codes because they can provide more information and don’t require as much printing space.

Examples of how the barcodes for GreenScans would look on produce stickers are posted at www.digitscans.com. The website also includes potential retail customers, including Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Food Lion, Trader Joe’s and Tesco. Produce companies listed on the Digit Scans website include Dole, Chiquita, Naturipe Farms and Euro Fresh Farms, but Gaglio said Digit Scans has not signed any clients yet for GreenScans. She said meetings and negotiations with various retailers and produce companies are ongoing.

Gaglio said during the launch phase Digit Scans is offering special introductory pricing as well as options for exclusivity.

“Branding in the produce industry is difficult and exclusivity with Green Scans would be an easy and effective way for a grower-shipper to establish their brand with retailers,” Gaglio said.