Organic foods are no more nutritious or safer than conventional foods, according to a recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Published in the Oct. 22 online version of Pediatrics, the academy’s official journal, the study by Joel Forman and Janet Silverstein found that while organic farming is better for the environment than conventional farming, organic foods are no better than conventional foods when it comes to food safety and healthfulness.

“Current evidence does not support any meaningful nutritional benefits or deficits from eating organic compared with conventionally grown foods, and there are no well-powered human studies that directly demonstrate health benefits or disease protection as a result of consuming an organic diet,” according to the report.

The study also found that although organic foods regularly cost more than conventional foods, costs can be competitive and yields comparable to conventionally grown foods.

Forman and Silverstein recommend that pediatricians share the study’s findings with patients and their parents who ask about eating organic vs. conventional.