Dole Food Co. recently sponsored a three-day sustainability summit in Costa Rica for 30 researchers, opinion leaders and government officials, among others.

Site visits during the June 11-13 summit included El Muelle Pineapple Plantation; Rio Frio Banana Farm and its New Millennium Packing Plant; one of FundeCoR’s reforestation and conservation projects; and the Dole Chile container vessel at the Port of Moin, according to a news release.

Presentations and field demonstrations called attention to Dole’s efforts in water management, soil conservation, carbon footprint reduction and waste handling for banana and pineapple production.

The summit ended with a panel discussion on corporate responsibility and sustainability. Dole project partners including the Rainforest Alliance, Soil & More and Ostfold Research, discussed existing projects that monitor and manage Dole farming in Costa Rica.

Members from the Dole corporate responsibility and sustainability group remained in Costa Rica afterward to speak at the GLOBE conference on business and the environment. The Dole representatives were scheduled to speak on the pros and cons of using sustainability as a competitive advantage, and on sustainable water management.

Online, Dole highlights sustainability efforts at