Apple and pear volume estimates for the Northern Hemisphere’s 2013 crops show most of the European Union and the U.S. expecting increases while Russia and China are predicted to see significant declines.

The World Apple and Pear Association released the 2013 crop estimates during the 37th Prognosfruit Conference Prague on Aug. 9. Averaging all varieties and all countries’ production, the European Union is projected to post a 7% increase in apple volumes and an 18% increase in pears compared to 2012 volumes, according to a release from WAPA.

For the U.S., the organization predicts a 15% increase for apple volumes. Apple production decreases of 8% and 14% are predicted for China and Russia, respectively.

Although the overall apple volumes are expected to increase, the amount of fruit for the fresh market is projected to remain about the same for the 2013 season, compared with 2012. The additional fruit harvested this year is expected to go to the processing market.

Overall predictions for the EU pear crop show the abate F variety with the largest anticipated increase at 20%. Conference pear volumes in the EU are expected to increase 14% compared to the 2012 season. The WAPA forecast shows the U.S. pear growers expecting a 4% volume increase.

Russian pear volumes are expected to drop 14% and China’s 2013 crop is expected to be 5% smaller than 2012’s.

A cool spring and late flowering in much of Europe is predicted to cause a late start to harvest, according to the WAPA forecast. Growers expect a delay of one week to one month, depending on their specific region. WAPA officials said in the forecast they would update harvest start times in September.