Eagle Packaging Machinery LLC, Miami, released its YassoyoAir pneumatic tray former.

The machine can fold several tray designs, including the company’s produce, citrus and showcase designs.

“We sell many of our showcase-style trays to the apple business because they are heavy duty and can stack and interlock loads of apples very high for exporting needs,” Anthony Del Viscio, vice president of sales, said.

For mushrooms and citrus, a tray is formed with an inner ledge for stacking and protection of the product inside.

Del Viscio says the biggest difference between the new VassoyoAir tray former and earlier models is that the folding mechanism is faster and simpler.

“This machine eliminates having to retract the mandrel (folding mechanism) in order to remove the tray. It’s more mechanical,” Del Viscio said.

The machine is able to produce up to 22 trays per minute and is equipped with a color touch screen for troubleshooting and adjustments to the glue pattern or timing of the tray former.

Built with a welded steel tubular frame, the machine is low maintenance with an easy-to-load hopper. It also features interlocked safety gates to protect operators, according to a news release.