European apple production is expected to be up in 2014, but pear production should fall.

Apple volumes should increase 9% and pear volumes fall 2% compared to 2013, according to the annual World Apple and Pear Association forecast, made Aug. 7 at the 38th Prognosfruit Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, according to a news release from the Brussels, Belgium-based association.

About 11.9 million metric tons of apples are expected to ship from Europe in 2014, which is not only up from last year but 12% higher than the three-year average.

European production of golden delicious should rise 2%, galas 7%, idareds 4% and red delicious 6%.

The association also expects 2014 apple production to rise 11% in the U.S., 4% in Russia and 10% in Ukraine. Volumes are expected to fall 7% in China, 24% in Turkey and 31% in the Balkans.

About 2.28 million metric tons of pears will be produced in Europe in 2014, according to the forecast, down not only from last year but also 1% below the three-year average.

European production of conferences should fall by 1% and williams by 9%. Abate production, however, is expected to increase by 17%.

The association predicts that pear production will be up in the U.S., Russia and Ukraine but down in China and Turkey in 2014.