European grower-shippers are expected to produce 12% more pears and 5% more apples in 2011.

About 2.5 million tons of pears and 10.2 million tons of apples will ship from Europe this year, according to the annual estimate from the Brussels, Belgium-based World Apple and Pear Association.

The estimate was made Aug. 5 at the annual Prognosfruit Conference, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In addition to being 12% larger than the 2010 crop, the 2011 pear crop is 8% above the three-year average.

Production of the conference pear variety is projected to climb 8% in 2011, to 889,000 tons. The Williams crop, at 307,000 tons, will also be 8% larger. Abate pear production should reach 370,000 tons, up 66% from 2010.

Apple production, while up from 2010, is slated to be 5% lower than the three-year average.

Golden delicious production is estimated at 2.5 million tons, up 5% from 2010. About 1.1 million tons of galas are expected, 7% more than a year ago. Red delicious production, meanwhile, is projected to fall 4%, to 635,000 tons.