(UPDATED COVERAGE, 3:15 p.m.) The Food and Drug Administration confirmed Sept. 14 that agency testing found salmonella on Agricola Daniella mangoes and warned consumers against eating the fruit.

UPDATED: FDA confirms salmonella on Agricola Daniella mangoesStrains of salmonella have been found on the fruit from Agricola Daniella, a mango supplier with multiple plantations and a single packinghouse in Sinaloa, Mexico, according to an FDA news release.

The agency said Agricola Daniella mangoes should be identified with product stickers. If consumers have mangoes without brand stickers, they should ask retailers for that information. If doubt exists as to the origin of the mangoes, then consumers should discard the fruit, according to the FDA.

The FDA said Agricola Daniella has been placed on import alert.

“This means that Agricola Daniella mangoes will be denied admission into the U.S. unless the importer shows they are not contaminated with salmonella, such as by using private laboratories to test the mangoes,” according to the release.

William Watson, executive director of the Orlando, Fla.-based National Mango Board, said in a statement  the group will continue to work with the FDA and others in the industry to ensure that all Daniella-brand mangoes are no longer on store shelves.

"As we learn more details regarding the FDA’s investigation, the mango industry will take the necessary steps to improve our food safety standards and to reduce the risk of food-borne contaminants in mangoes," Watson said in the statement.

With the Mexican mango season winding down and previous recalls pulling Daniella brand mangoes from the market, it is unknown how much fruit is still in the hands of consumers.

On Aug. 29, certain lots of Daniella brand mangoes were recalled by Splendid Products, Burlingame, Calif.

Additionally, an importer in Canada also initiated a voluntary recall of only Daniella brand mangoes as the result of illnesses from Salmonella Braenderup.

Several firms that used Daniella brand mangoes supplied by Splendid Products in their fresh-cut fruit products have also initiated recalls of those products, according to the FDA release.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports an outbreak of Salmonella Braenderup has infected 105 people in 16 states. The California Department of Public Health has traced several illnesses of the outbreak strain through the supply chain to Agricola Daniella, according to the release.