For additional information about retailers' related recalls, please see "UPDATED: United Supermarkets, others join mango recall" and "Mango recalls continue for whole and fresh-cut fruit"

FDA posts Daniella mango recall; CDC says 103 sickFederal health officials reported Aug. 29 that “mangoes are likely causing” a 16-state salmonella outbreak. Two hours later the Food and Drug Administration posted a voluntary recall notice from Splendid Products for Daniella brand mangoes from Mexico.

However, the Burlingame, Calif., produce distributor had actually begun pulling back the mangoes Aug. 26, asking its customers to do the same, said general manager and founder Larry Nienkerk.

“We want to let everyone know our top priority is public safety,” Nienkerk told The Packer on Aug. 28 and repeated in the Aug. 29 FDA recall notice.

FDA posts Daniella mango recall; CDC says 103 sick“We have notified all of our customers ... and we are working with all the government agencies that are involved. We didn’t want to wait.”

The recall said the mangoes were sold as individual fruit and can be identified by the Daniella brand sticker and one of the following Price Look-Up numbers: 3114, 4051, 4311, 4584 or 4959. The recalled mangoes were sold at various retail stores throughout the U.S. between July 12 and Aug. 29.

A recall of Daniella brand mangoes in Canada began Aug. 24, although the specific brand was not initially identifiedFDA posts Daniella mango recall; CDC says 103 sick by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Two distributors – North American Produce Sales, Vancouver, B.C., and Mex Y Can Trading Inc., Mississauga, Ontario – have recalled the Daniella brand mangoes from nationwide distribution in Canada.

The Canadian Public Health Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S. both issued statements that mangoes are suspected of being contaminated with the same strain of salmonella that has sickened 21 in Canada and 103 in the U.S.

The Canadian agency specified the Daniella brand from Mexico based on information from distributors.

FDA posts Daniella mango recall; CDC says 103 sickThe CDC’s outbreak update Aug. 29 did not specify a brand, but said 70% of the outbreak victims in the U.S. reported eating mangoes during the week before they became ill. Of the 103 sick people in the U.S., 62 had to be admitted to hospitals, the CDC said. The illnesses began July 1, according to data from CDC’s PulseNet system.

“Public health officials have not identified a specific type or source for the mangoes that are likely causing this outbreak, and therefore we do not have specific consumer advice at this time regarding eating mangoes.” the CDC update said.

California Department of Public Health remains the lead investigative agency for the outbreak in the U.S. Seventy-eight of the salmonella cases in the U.S. have been reported in California, the CDC update said.

“Among ill persons in California, approximately 80% are of Hispanic ethnicity. Many of the ill persons in California report purchasing mangoes from Hispanic markets or grocery stores. Investigations are ongoing to determine the specific type and source of mangoes that might be linked with illness,” said the CDC update.