Farmington Fresh is growing a new Italian apple variety in the U.S.

Stockton, Calif.-based Farmington and its growers will make their first commercial plantings of Modi apples in 2015, said David Rajkovich, the company’s president.

Commercial volumes of the Modi, a red variety with a hint of yellow, should be available by 2018, Rajkovich said.

In the meantime, Farmington is growing a trial of Modis in California’s San Joaquin Valley that will be harvested in August and September.

“We plan to pack and market Modi through the fall and winter season, and lengthen the marketing season further as orchards mature and volumes continue to grow,” Rajkovich said.

The modi’s internal pressures and holding characteristics allow the variety to remain in the market longer than other California red varieties, he said.

Owned by the Italian breeder C.I.V., the Modi is being developed in the U.S. with the aid of four nurseries: C&O, Pro Tree, Van Well and Willow Drive.

Farmington Fresh eventually hopes to market about 600 acres of Modis in California.