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Final farm bill passage expectedThe Senate is expected to pass the 2014 farm bill today.

Capitol Hill sources expect the final farm bill vote at about 2:30 p.m. Eastern time.

On Feb. 3, the Senate voted to cut off debate on the bill by a margin of 72 to 22, signaling sufficient support for approval. The House passed the measure in late January, and the White House has said that President Obama will sign the legislation.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that direct spending from farm bill programs over a 10-year period will total $956 billion, of which about $756 billion would be dedicated to nutrition programs. The budget office estimates the farm bill will lower deficits by $16.6 billion over the ten-year period.

The bill has been widely praised by produce industry leaders for funding nutrition and research priorities targeted by the specialty crop industry, though some concern has been expressed about the new conservation compliance regulations that are being phased in for specialty crop growers who sign up for federal crop insurance.