(Updated coverage 10:35 a.m., July 11) A leading North American importer of citrus, grapes and other fruit has changed its name.

St. Laurent, Quebec-based Fisher Capespan is now Capespan North America, said Marc Solomon, senior vice president.

The name reflects a desire by its parent company, South Africa-based Capespan, to strengthen the Capespan brand worldwide, Solomon said.

“The name change is part of a process underway in Capespan on a global level to ensure consistency in all of our operations and to be able to maximize use of the brand name and to maximize the synergies within the group as we deal with many international suppliers and clients,” he said. “It simply makes more sense to deal with our customers and our growers with one name on a world wide basis, especially as there is often overlap in the people we do business with in different parts of the world.”

The change will not, Solomon said, affect the company’s North American operations.

“It’s business as usual.”

Capespan North America imports citrus, grapes, apples, pears and stone fruit from South Africa, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Mexico.

The company will continue to operate its Gloucester City, N.J., office and its affiliated office in Bakersfield, Calif.