In response to new federal rules, two food safety specialists have joined forces to help businesses in the produce and other food industries comply with the rules.

Ryan Systems, a quality control company that designs food safety delivery control solutions for the food transportation industries, and Kleen Trans, which specializes in providing container and truck sanitation, have created a partnership, Sanitary Cold Chain, to meet new Food Safety Modernization Act requirements, according to a Ryan Systems news release.

The initiative will provide certification services to help truck, rail and other food transportation handlers establish Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans and meet Transportation Certification (TransCert) sanitation and temperature control traceability reporting and record keeping requirements.

The Food and Drug Administration established reporting and record keeping administrative rules based on the new Food Safety Modernization Act, as well as a variety of Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection laws.

With Sanitary Cold Chain, Ryan Systems and Kleen Trans will rely on technologies including container interior wash and sanitation and testing, GPS tracking and Radio Frequency Identification and other sensor enabled temperature and humidity monitoring.

In order to meet TransCert transporter certification requirements, Sanitary Cold Chain provides training and certification audit services for truck and container interior washout stations, wash and sanitation test personnel, truck fleets, freight forwarders and cargo handlers, container suppliers, reefer and trailer owners and users and companies that ship and handle food under sanitary and temperature controlled conditions.