The Produce Marketing Association and Western Growers Association partnered with the Center for Produce Safety on a new report about agricultural water and its effect on food safety.

The five-year research review features key findings from the center and research efforts and other public sources. Topics in its 45 pages include:

  • Human pathogen prevalence, quality and persistence in agricultural water;
  • Transfer and persistence of human pathogens from contaminated agricultural water to the agricultural environment and produce;
  • Managing agricultural water safety; and
  • Tools to assess the risk posed by agricultural water use and practices.

“It’s an excellent resource for industry members participating in the forthcoming Food Safety Modernization Act produce rule policy debate regarding appropriate and effective agricultural water preventive control standards,” Jim Gorny, PMA vice president of food safety and technology, said in a news release.

The report synthesizes findings from 85 projects at various institutions funded for almost $14 million, said Hank Giclas, senior vice president, science, technology and strategic planning for Western Growers.

“We appreciate the time and resources provided by the Produce Marketing Association and Western Growers Association to review the body of work and provide a comprehensive report for use by the produce industry,” Bonnie Fernandez-Fenaroli, executive director for the Center for Produce Safety, said in the release.