Giving new insight on the inbound status of harvested produce, Los Gatos, Calif.-based FoodLink has introduced a cloud-based inventory tracking system.

Called FoodLink Transit, the new system tracks the movement of fresh produce from harvest to the receiving warehouse, also known as the “cut to cool” window, according to a news release from the company.

“Cut-to-cool is perhaps the most critical period in the movement of fresh produce, and it has a big effect on freshness at the store as well as the efficient management of warehouse operations,” Ray Connelly, vice president of strategy and business development for FoodLink, said in the release. “With FoodLink Transit, our customers use real-time data to reduce shrink, increase overall quality and received more value from their traceability programs.”

The Transit system helps harvest operations and remote packinghouses report on-demand inventories, even when produce is sourced from multiple packers and growers, according to the release. The Transit systems features a dashboard that ties together far-flung inventories and production operations in a real-time tracking solution, according to the release.

Available as an annual subscription product over the FoodLink network, the Transit system can be used with FoodLink PTI for a combined traceability and inbound logistics solution, according to the release.

A web seminar describing the system is available online.