Foxy launches organic BroccoLeafThe Nunes Co. has begun shipments of an organic broccoli leaf product — BroccoLeaf — under its Foxy label.

Consumers typically see and eat only the flower of the broccoli plant. The Salinas, Calif.-based grower-shipper is betting there’s a market for the leaves, too.

“We know how fantastic broccoli leaves are for the soil, but nobody considered it a viable produce item,” Tom Nunes V, vice president of operations for Foxy, said in a news release. “Everyone in our industry’s been trying to find the next kale, and BroccoLeaf has been staring all of us in the face for decades.”

Nationwide shipments have been under way for about a month. To promote the launch, the Foxy brand and its spokeswoman, registered dietician Ashley Koff, are offering recipes to inform the public of ways to prepare the organic leaves. The recipes appear on the Foxy website and social media channels.

The company is also encouraging consumers to make and share their own BroccoLeaf recipes on social media. The recipes judged best will appear in a cookbook.

This summer at an employee’s suggestion, the grower-shipper began incorporating organic broccoli leaves in retail juicing demonstrations, a campaign dubbed “Rejuicenate with Foxy.” Feedback from that experience helped support a product launch.

The organic BroccoLeaf contains the vitamins, minerals and other benefits of the broccoli flower but has a lighter and sweeter taste, according to The Nunes Co.

“It’s incredibly rare, in this day and age, to be able to introduce a new non-GMO organic vegetable into the market,” said Matt Seeley, vice president of marketing. “We believe the potential for BroccoLeaf is massive and are very excited about consumers’ and retailers’ responses.”