Blueberries grown and marketed by Fresh Results LLC will be featured on the Discovery Channel HD’s “American Farmer” program.

The TV show will first air 7 a.m. Dec. 29 on both U.S. coasts, said Eric Crawford, president of Weston, Fla.-based Fresh Results.

Fresh Results touts blueberry nutrition on 'American Farmer'Crawford and vice president Ulises Sabato were interviewed in a seven-minute video segment on Fresh Results to be broadcast as part of a 30-minute program.

It’s the only company discussed.

“The rest of the show will be built around the overall health benefits of blueberries and things of that nature,” Crawford said.

The “American Farmer” production crew spent three days filming at Fresh Results’ 2,000-acre blueberry farm in Argentina in September.

“The producers wanted to talk about the health benefits of the fruit and especially how it comes to be that the product can be available in the U.S. year-round,” Crawford said. “Like most Discovery Channel content, ‘American Farmer’ is education-based. Normally people don’t understand that blueberries are grown throughout the world.

“It’s interesting, even to people outside the ag business, that you can take a berry that’s indigenous, for example, to the Midwest of the U.S. and find a way to produce it so consumers can have it year-round.”

From late September to early December, Fresh Results accounts for almost 20% of U.S. blueberry imports, Crawford said. The company does its own growing, packing, marketing, importing and exporting. It has joint ventures with growers in Chile and Mexico who match specifications. Production finished in Argentina in the first week of December; the focus is now on Chile.

Fresh Results’ large-scale production might have been what caught the eye of “American Farmer” producers. Initially Crawford thought proposals of a TV appearance were some kind of crank calls, but with a little persuasion it came to pass.

Health benefits of a regular diet of blueberries, as cited by Fresh Results, include help in burning body fat and staving off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.