San Francisco-based Fresh Solutions Network LLC has launched the Side Delights brand of fresh potato products.

The company plans to rebrand many of its existing offerings, including Steamables, Bakeables, Grillables and Gourmet Petite potato products, according to a news release.

“Our Side Delights lineup will bring new energy to the potato category, complementing retailer brands while providing a consistent appearance with compelling graphic design across the other offerings at the potato table,” Kathleen Triou, president and chief executive officer, said in the release. “In addition, the establishment of a master brand allows us to deliver stronger support to our retail customers, as it focuses all of our marketing activities around a single, memorable brand that their shoppers can look for.”

The Side Delights name is based on extensive consumer testing and that 80% of fresh potatoes are eaten as side dishes, according to the release.

The packaging incorporates U.S. Potato Board research that found consumers wanted potato type, size and origin clearly identified. In addition, they wanted recipes and serving suggestions on the package.

In fact, they responded more favorably when packages featured images of prepared potato dishes.

The brand launch will include a digital campaign featuring a consumer-focused website with recipes, preparation suggestions and background on the family farms that comprise the Fresh Solutions Network.

The full line of Side Delights will be available for shipment in September, and retailers can expect to see future additions to the lineup, according to the release.

Fresh Solutions Network is a marketing company owned by partners Basin Gold Cooperative Inc., Sun-Glo of Idaho Inc., NoKota Packers Inc., Michael Farms Inc., Masser Potato Farms, Keystone Potato Products LLC, Green Thumb Farms Inc., Fresh Solution Farms LLC and Red Isle Potato Growers Ltd.