New Zealand fruit marketer The Freshmax Group has created Innovar to help license and commercialize proprietary varieties.

Freshmax already was heavily involved in developing intellectual properties in Australia, according to a news release.

The latest move will create a single entity to exclusively focus on licensing new varieties, brand development, production planning and delivery to market in other countries, including New Zealand and the U.S.

Innovar will be staffed by Rene Hylkema, new variety manager in New Zealand; Andrew Maughan, Australian IP manager; and Simon Gillett, global licensing manager based in North America.

“We continue to see huge value being delivered through the control and management of new varieties and brands in our major categories,” Gillett said in the release. “This value directly benefits our suppliers as well as our customers and is only set to increase in the future.”

Among the proprietary varieties already in Freshmax’s stable in Australia and New Zealand are Mahana Red, Kanzi and Modi apple brands and kiwiberries.