As summer draws to a close, Frieda’s Inc. is reminding wholesalers that parents will soon be shopping for heathful options for their children to take to school.

Frieda’s helps wholesalers with back-to-school itemsThe Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s wants to be a source for children’s favorite fruits and vegetables, according to a news release.

“Parents are constantly looking for something different to keep their kids interested in healthy eating — speaking from experience as a mother, of course,” Karen Caplan, Frieda’s president and chief executive officer, said in the release. “Specialty fruits and vegetables make lunch and snack time an everyday adventure instead of something they’d want to trade for an unhealthy option.”

Frieda’s also has recommendedations for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit & Vegetable program and can help wholesalers bring more specialty items to schools, according to the release.

Back-to-school items include Asian pears, baby red bananas, medjool dates, mandarinquats, baby apples and jicama.

Frieda’s program has introduced 400,000 U.S. students to rambutan, starfruit, baby kiwi, mangosteen, mini sweet peppers and watermelon radish, according to the release.