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BOSTON — The Packer’s Eastern Editor, Doug Ohlemeier, gathered these news items from the expo floor at the New England Produce Council conference and exposition April 3.

From the show floor: New England Produce Council expo boothsMAURICE A. AUERBACH: Bruce Klein, marketing manager of Maurice A. Auerbach Inc., Secaucus N.J., says the company is rolling out triple-washed diced garlic. The 3-pound resealable and refrigerated bags for foodservice or for retail repacking are packed by The Garlic co. in Bakersfield, Calif., he says.

EAST COAST FRESH: Ross Forca, president of East Coast Fresh, says new 8-ounce Nature’s Kitchen brand salad toppers feature ready-to-eat cut vegetables. The toppings are available in tropical, New England, Asian, Italian, Californian and French offerings. Also, the Savage, Md.-based East Coast Fresh is distributing taco ingredient trays that include cheese, cabbage, lettuce onions and are accompanied by guacamole or salsa.

From the show floor: New England Produce Council expo boothsHUDSON RIVER FRUIT DISTRIBUTORS: Pat Ferrara, sales representative at Hudson River Fruit Distributors, says the Milton, N.Y.-based grower-shipper is co-packing New Zealand Sonya apples with Sage Fruit Co., Yakima, Wash. Ferrara says Hudson River began distributing the fruit in early April.

From the show floor: New England Produce Council expo boothsTHE LITTLE POTATO CO.: Paul Vento, Eastern sales manager of The Little Potato Co., and Kelsey Fournier, demonstration assistant, display microwaveable trays of creamer potatoes being introduced by the Edmonton, Alberta-based grower-shipper. The 1-pound trays of Potato Jazz-branded potatoes are available in yellow and red potatoes and a mix. The trays include Italian seasoning on the yellows, garlic and parsley seasoning on the reds and herb seasoning on the mix.

From the show floor: New England Produce Council expo boothsNORTHEAST PRODUCE: Michael Melninkaitis, Northeast Produce Inc.’s director of operations, says “ripe ‘n later” trays of tomatoes in different stages of ripeness are designed to help end consumer complaints about tomatoes spoiling. The Plainville, Conn.-based tomato repacker’s three-count packages feature one each of green, medium and red field-grown tomatoes.

From the show floor: New England Produce Council expo boothsROCKHEDGE HERB FARMS: John Alva, president of the Pleasant Valley, N.Y.-based grower-shipper of herbs and leafy greens, says it is releasing a full line of baby vegetables in retail packs. Before, Rockhedge sold those items in bulk to wholesalers.Rockhedge is repacking the baby broccoli, carrots, corn, leeks and broccoli crowns in 8-ounce to 12-ounce packages.

From the show floor: New England Produce Council expo boothsSUPREME CUTS: Merle Axelrod, president of Supreme Cuts LLC, says the Mawah, N.J.-based fresh-cut processor is rolling out a line of 16-ounce clamshells of fresh-cut fruit. Supreme Cuts sold the items in trays before. The fruit includes chunks of pineapples, cantaloupes, honeydews, mangoes, papayas and a fruit medley. Supreme Cuts also is selling individually wrapped halves of butternut squash, Axelrod says.

VERMONT HYDROPONIC PRODUCE: Jeff Jones, managing partner at Vermont Hydroponic Produce LLC, said the Florence, Vt.-based grower-shipper in late March began harvesting cherry tomatoes for clamshells of its “cherry bombz” tomatoes. The greenhouse tomatoes are available in 10.5-ounce clamshells.

SID WAINER & SON: John Reis Jr., salesman for Sid Wainer & Son, displayed a retail line of microgreens, micro-vegetables and baby vegetables. Matt Poulin, regional sales manager of the New Bedford, Mass. distributor and grower-shipper, said the microgreens are available in 4-ounce clamshells and the baby vegetables are marketed in 8-ounce clamshells. The Southcoast Farms-brand product line includes petite peas, greens, tender basil, stevia, golden peanut shoots, orchids and a mix.